Press review from April 2017 / in danish

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Press review from January 2015 / in danish
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“… it is rare to hear such a rich flute sonority…”

Augsburger Allgemeine Zeitung – Germany (august 2011)

“Outstanding concert that evinced a high artistic level and a luminous talent”. “Flautist Hélène Navasse performed an impressive artistic piece of work with a wide-ranging, fascinating repertoire. Navasse’s exceptionally fine playing… carried the music forward in the three movements of the piece with intensely delicate and lightweight trills and a freely flowing airy elegance that imparted spirituality to Vivaldi’s music….Chant de Linos (by A. Jolivet) … really shed light on Navasse’s virtuosity. The embellished escapades in this atonal piece were unfurled with perfection and the flute’s trills whirred with intensity. The splendid chamber playing continued and Sofia Gubaidulina’s “Allegro rustico”… made its appearance with vigour, determination and exceptionally sharp concentration. Concentration was a permeating and recurrent thread running through Navasse’s way of playing, a circumstance that could not fail to engender an alluring focus around the music… (In P. Boulez’) “explosante-fixe…transitoire VII” …the virtuoso-like figurations leaped about in Navasse’s playing with spontaneous outbursts and lavish tone-effects… Navasse mastered these gestures with bravura and certain passages in the music came to acquire an almost hypnotic character… A most fascinating flute technique, which tended toward the outer limits when it came to expressive range… Navasse was extraordinarily convincing … Hélène Navasse, in addition to possessing an impressive soloist capability and a delicate, stylistically interpretative capacity, understands how to take up her place in a chamber music situational context with sympathetic insight and sharp concentration. Her manner of embracing the music, all the way from … Vivaldi …to the new music, was living proof of this.”

Berlingske Tidende, Denmark

“In Pierre Boulez’ …“…explosante-fixe…”… Hélène Navasse immediately caught our interest with her subtle structured playing…. Hélène Navasse mastered the complete flute family, from the piccolo to the bass-flute.”
Jyllands-Posten , Denmark

“Hélène Navasse demonstrated an outstanding flute-playing, with an elegant sound and an irreproachable technique, which gave the most challenging passages an effortless ease. Hélène Navasse appeared as an outstanding interpret of the newest music…
Bravo! Reverence!”
Basunen, Danish Musicians Association

“Hélène Navasse …gave an extremely convincing performance of P. Boulez’… “explosante-fixe…”…Hélène Navasse played these series of technical challenges in a convincing style with a remarkable good contact with the audience.”
Aarhus Stiftstidende, Denmark